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Kids Body Spray

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I have two tween girls and both of them love all of the bath and body products at the retail stores.  However, I run into two major problems when shopping for them.  1.  kids fragrance choices can be limited.  Sure, they can wear the adult smelling fragrances but, what fun is that? 2.  Have you seen the list of ingredients in each bottle?  Can you name them? 

Now, my recipe is not 'all natural'.  I do use fragrance oils for my children.  But, if you check the ingredients list on the bottles of the stuff you buy, fragrance oils is just one of the ingredients.  They still add a multitude of other un-pronounce-ables on top of the fragrance.  Totally unnecessary!

As of today (tweens are constantly changing their minds), their favorite scent is cotton candy.  It is sweet smelling with a hint of vanilla.  How can you possibly go wrong?  What are the ingredients you ask? 

6 oz. distilled water
1 Tbs. Modified fragrance oil  (see post here).  We used cotton candy fragrance oil from wholesale supplies plus.

Just shake it up once, place in a pretty spray/mist bottle and you are good to go.  Easy peasy, huh?  And did I mention cheap and easy to make?  Now you have no reason to go out and buy the expensive stuff.

*I am in no way affiliated with wholesale supplies plus nor am I compensated in any way from them.  I truly enjoy their products and believe they offer an excellent product. Opinion expressed is solely my own.*

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